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This is a beginner-level tutorial for creating a comic book text effect in Photoshop. The first part of the video will concentrate on creating a fun background for the text to sit on, while the second half will focus on creating the text effect itself. Once created, the text will remain fully editable, meaning you can change the text at any time without having to recreate the entire effect.

Also, since the effect is created using ONLY layer styles, you can save the layer style for use elsewhere.

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Font used – Obelix Pro (


Create a new document 3840 x 2160 @ 150DPI

***Creating the Background Elements***
Fill the background with a light blue color (3c93dd), unlock the layer and rename the layer “Background”.
Now, create a halftone pattern.
1. Set your colors to default B&W (D) and then switch the colors (X) so that white is your foreground color and black is the background color.
2. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift +N) and name it “Halftone”
3. Select your Gradient tool (G), set the gradient to foreground/background (the first gradient choice), Gradient Type=Radial, and draw a gradient from the center of the image to the outermost edge
4. Go to Filter – Pixelate – Color Halftone
a. Max Radius 30, everything else 0
b. Change layer blend mode to “Overlay” and Opacity to 50%
Now for the Burst.
1. Create a new layer and name it “Burst”
2. Select the Polygon tool (U).
3. Click once anywhere in the image to bring up the Create Polygon dialogue box and fill it out as follows
a. Width=3000, Height=1500, # sides=20, Smooth corners=UNCHECKED, Star=CHECKED, Indent sides=90%, Smooth Indents=CHECKED
4. Center the burst and resize it to fill most of the screen
5. Apply an Inner Glow to the burst layer
a. Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Noise=0, Color=Black (000000)
b. Technique=Softer, Edge=CHECKED, Choke=100%, Size=28
c. Contour=Smooth, Anti-Aliased=Unchecked, Range=100, Jitter=0
d. Set the layer’s FILL OPACITY to 75%
Select all three layers and group them together (Ctrl + G). Name this group “Background Elements”

***Creating the Text***
I’m using ObelixPro Regular, but any comic-ish font will do.
Create a new layer outside your Background Elements group (Ctrl + Alt + Shift +N).
Select your text tool (T) and type in your text, making the font large enough to fill most of the burst. Now is the time to alter any spacing issues you may have between the letters by placing your text tool in between the letters and using (Alt + Left/Right Arrow)
Now apply the layer styles to the text layer:
1. Stroke, with special gradient
a. Size=4, Position=Center, Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=90, Overprint=CHECKED.
b. Gradient, Black color (000000), Opacity=100% at the 25% marker, Opacity=0% at the 30% marker, Opacity=0% at the 70% marker, Opacity 100% at the 75% marker
c. Gradient Style=Linear, Align with Layer=CHECKED, Angle=94, Dither=UNCHECKED, Scale=100%
2. Inner Shadow 1 with “Ring” contour
a. Black color (000000)
b. Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Angle=163, Global Light=UNCHECKED, Distance=3, Choke=100%, Size=3
c. Contour=Ring Double, Anti-aliased=UNCHECKED, Noise=100%
3. Inner Shadow 2 with “Ring” contour
a. Black color (000000)
b. Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Angle=22, Global Light=UNCHECKED, Distance=2, Choke=100%, Size=1
c. Contour=Ring Double, Anti-aliased=UNCHECKED, Noise=100%
4. Gradient Overlay with custom color gradient
a. Blend Mode=Normal, Dither=UNCHECKED, Opacity=100%
b. Gradient = Gold (ffb20a) to Red (ff1e00), Reverse=UNCHECKED
c. Style=Linear, Align with Layer=CHECKED, Angle=90, Scale=100%
5. Drop Shadow 1 White
a. White color (FFFFFF)
b. Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Angle=90, Global Light=UNCHECKED, Distance=10, Spread=100%, Size=16
c. Contour=Linear, Anti-aliased=UNCHECKED, Noise=0%
d. Layer Knocks out Drop Shadow=UNCHECKED
6. Drop Shadow 2 Black
a. Black color (000000)
b. Blend Mode=Normal, Opacity=100%, Angle=90, Global Light=UNCHECKED, Distance=46, Spread=100%, Size=59
c. Contour=Linear, Anti-aliased=UNCHECKED, Noise=0%
d. Layer Knocks out Drop Shadow=UNCHECKED
Finishing touch is a slight warp to the text using the “Warp Text” tool. Make a subtle arch of +15%.

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