10 Amazing things to do with Photoshop CC for Beginners Part 1

Video is only for the people who are learning Photoshop from Scratch and for people who have used Photoshop but are not very good at it yet and want to learn some sleeve tricks. As I will go through 10 amazing things you can do using Photoshop CC.

This Photoshop Beginner Tutorial is Divided in 3 Parts.
Part 1Explains
1- Touch up, Makeup, Removing Marks from face using Spot Healing Brush Tool
2- What are Layers
3- What are Adjustment Layers.

Used Photoshop Version is Photoshop CC and Images that are used are only for Learning Purpose.

Some Shortcuts used in the Video are following
Zoom in : Ctrl+ +
Zoom out : Ctrl+ –
Increase brush size (any tool) : ]
Decrease brush size (any tool) : [

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